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Prayer for reason

 Keep the illusion up, let them see purpose. I know you're just there existing. As long as you're breathing, keep that heart beating It don't matter if the muscles on your face won't stretch right It don't matter that your smile is not the same anymore Keep at it, don't give up. Struggle a bit longer You're not dead yet. They see you breathing. They can feel your heart beat. Cold as it is. They can feel your heat, you're not dead. Keep at it just a little bit longer Maybe there's a silver lining just around the corner In this round existence, there's a silver lining just around the corner. Even if you're just surving now, that's all that matters. They are all that matter so live. Live for them, if not for yourself. Love for them, if not for yourself. Do it all for them Maybe you'll find your own in the midst of it all.
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No rush

 Walk a little slower, there's no rush. You ain't got anywhere to be, slow down. You know there isn't anyone waiting on you, You'll be dancing by yourself anyway, like always. But atleast you won't have to pretend anymore, You can finally let go and lose yourself. The four hours of sleep you'll get are enough to collect the pieces. Just enough to keep a smile on your face. The dark circles are almost invisible when you smile, Who cares if it won't reach your eyes, no one really notices anyway. So take the long way home, keep reality at bay. Just a little longer, fool the world a little longer, Lose yourself in the lie just a bit longer. No harm done. Walk a little slower, there's no rush. You ain't got nowhere to be, you might as well get lost.


 There's little to no words to describe you. To describe the strength you carry without boasting , To describe the power you possess without pride. Always with humbling humility you serve without asking. You are the embodiment of phenomenal and grace. Your selflessness is without bounds, it sometimes drives me mad, And yet it is your most beautiful quality and it humbles me still. The smile you wear on your face through tribulation and truimph is flawless, True in every essence of the word and it shines through without fault. The grandness of your heart fills me with tears of joyful pride, It holds so much love, care, kindness and genuine affection, It's a wonder you aren't glowing. All these words I've written will never be enough to express my truest emotions Because there's little to no words to describe you. You are mother, precious and beautiful. I love you wholeheartedly and without doubt.

Truth Is

Truth is you're always on my mind. I haven't gotten over you, not even close. I still stretch out my arm reaching for you at night. I wake up with the taste of your name on my lips. At the most random times I feel the ghost of your touch on my hips. I smile and turn my head, but you aren't there anymore, You're just a memory, a dream turned into a nightmare A neverending nightmare filled with laughter and joy. You haunt me with your absence and taunt me with your presence. So close, yet ever so far out of reach. My reach. Seeing you happy tears me apart and brings me joy, It's all I ever wanted for you, but with me. Only with me. I still wonder where it all came apart, when did I lose you? I don't remember looking at you and not drowning in love, I thought you'd always be there to keep me afloat and weather this sea of love. But now you're no longer mine, you're the wind to his sails. You glide through these torturous waters and I dro

Only My Hands Can Explain These Tears

I am one of those ever smiling people, never sad and never angry. I float and drift through the sun's hours with happiness on my face. I wave, laugh and tell a dozen jokes to blind witnesses who see but don't really see. I move from crowd to crowd, wondering and searching for one who'll actually look. But no one seems to notice, no one seems to care So only these hands of mine can explain the tears I shed. When the sun recedes to rest and prepare for the morrow. I too rest my smile and brick by brick tear down my walls. I put away the memories I carry to stretch my face and hide my pain. I shelve away what strength I have and hope it'll be enough to carry me still. I look in the mirror and the nile flows in graceful streams down my face. The dull eyes staring back are that of a well known stranger. And the hands reaching up to offer comfort are stranger still. The sobs that wreak through my battered body go unseen. The violent trembling barely hidden und

Would You Stay

Would you stay with me even if... Even if we weren't even, I mean Would you love me even when I no longer say it? When my fears consume me and I run When I lose myself to insecurities not cured When my will falters and I seek escape Could you really handle my inconsistency Coz I won't lie to you, I'm an emotional pendulum Never the same long enough to enjoy I'll twist your thoughts and turn your heart I'll test your patience to the extreme, and then some I'll beg to be the center of your universe To be the sun to your solar system and yet I'll treat you like Pluto, unsure of what you are Yet refusing to let you leave my orbit. I can be selfless, selflessly selfish I'll love you like no other and show you the rarest wonders I'll win you, mind, body and soul I'll bury them up so deep down, you'd drown before you reach them I'll embed myself so deeply into you, I'll echo always Even in my absence I'll echo, ever


Poetry is an intimate conversation with a stranger. It is stretching out your hand, into the darkness and not knowing how many people will grabe hold. Disclaimer: property of Fanelesibonge Nicholus Sibisi, Do not duplicate in any form without consent from the author